the unspoken rule for men

if you wear raybans inside and you’re under the age of thirty, you will receive a roll of the eyes. you’re a cocky cliche walking around, neck raised, unlit cigarette balanced between lips. swaggering, waiting for rows of eyes. short curly locks whisper the name of every new york musician they are inspired by.

if you’re over thirty wearing raybans, you are effortless, mysterious, uncaring with age, you are bryan ferry and morrissey and all forgiven egotistic rockstars rolled into one. you are interested and interesting. dismissive with a laugh of a youthful fad though quite aware it is a common stage. and chances are, standing a metre away from you is your french partner. she has berry stained lips, a strong eyebrow, a little hair under the arms and an intolerance of bullshit.

written by romanceofthoughts

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