suzy lee.



Self Portraits by Ashley Jane.

My older sister looks like a doll.
She is good at painting too.

Vintage shades.


Little Rilla wearing my lovely glasses.
Taken by moi.


Heavenly Creatures.

Justin Lee Williams lives in a tree house in an Australian forest.
His artwork is crazy rad.

Check it out.


A little death around the eyes.

Photo shoot inspired by the lost souls of Montreal.
Taken by my friends, Sonia and Cat me, at some sketchy hotel.


Goodnight bad morning.


Running into trouble
running into trouble
you got heavenly eyes
a thousand highs
always on a mission
it's not lovin'
it's not kissin'
it's the heavenly ride
- Alison Mosshart

Listen to the entire Midnight Boom album.
You will not be disappointed. It is solid gold.


Water babes.

These beautiful images were taken by a Brazilian photographer, Marcelo Gomes.
Found on Viceland.comm