Crystal Renns got legs for days

I absolutely adore this fashion editorial by the high fashion magazine V. It proves that curves are definitely sexier then skin and bones. I also like how it sets a good example to younger girls who are dealing with body insercurities.

Plus size model Krystal Renn is so inspiring to me. She is absolutely gorgeous, she embraces her imperfection with grace.

Michelle Blades

Strawberry Ghost by Michelle Blades

Found via Head Underwater


Childhood crush

I've always thought Leonardo Dicaprio was such a babe. 
I don't care what they say.
He still is my favorite actor after all these years.
My school crush remains stronger then ever.

Go hard or go home.

These Samma necklaces were found at La Garconne
I adore them to pieces.



Camilla Belle dressed like a 1940s femme fatale in Marie Claire


My friend Alyssa showed me this amazing website all dedicated to Baked goods.
This woman is a genius, she makes cake lollipops and pie pops!

the melancholy death of oyster boy

I'm taking an artist and graphic books class and basically we are just making comic books! I decided I want to my first book on the poem by Tim Burton called the Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. I remembered those cute little calms from the movie Alice in Wonderland. Im gonna try to learn how to be an expert oyster drawer to creat my character Oyster boy.


build an Ark

sorry for the shit video but the song makes up for it

a poem from elbowtoe.


fancy colours

 Beautiful drawing by the talented Chloe Wise.
Keep it up girl!


fatale femmes


fatale femmes photostream here


Star Crossed Lovers

Romeo and Juliet, my favorite 90s movie!
Makes me cry everytime man
Plus Leonardo Dicaprio is super smokin'