White bow found at the little girls department in H&m.

Ghost Polaroid.

Found on YellowOwlWorkshop.com


The whale.

“ It was a real whale, a photograph of a real whale. I looked into its tiny wise eye and wondered where that eye was now. Was it alive and swimming, or had it died long ago, or was it dying now, right this second? When a whale dies, it falls down through the ocean slowly, over the course of a day. All the other fish see it fall, like a giant statue, like a building, but slowly, slowly."
Miranda July

Photo by Rememo


Love at first sight.

Wai Lin Tse photography mends a broken heart.


Animal Kingdom.

"If you stick to your work it will take care of you somehow."

Artist Kiki Smith

Tams Tams Baby.

Heres some pictures of friends and me, chilling on rooftops and soaking in the sun.

Also partying at the tam tams. What are the tam tams you ask?
Its this big hippie festival every Sunday at Mont Royal mountain.
We met up with our buddies who just came back from Thailand after six months.

Oh, how I miss my long hair.


A storybook bed.

Please be mine?

Source:Unknown (opps)


Inspirations of the week.



hipsta babies.

Can I keep 'em? Please?

Source: Thecoolhunter