Don't call me Shirley, Shirley

 New black mens hat I just bought today at Old Gold boutique in Mont-royal!
Inspired by Clemence Poesy.

Summer Steeze a la Chloe

Mont Royal

Yesterday a bunch of my friends and I went to Mont. Royal in the plateau area. Perfect place to picnic and relax on the green grass. Photos are from my boyfriends super fancy camera that is literally bigger then my head!

P.S I finally have the perfect amount rings!



Photography by Akila Berjaoui

Model: Zippora Seven


just peachy

I bought these beautiful babies at H&M recently. It was love at first sight. They are perfect in every way. They are black, super high and sexy as hell. You can't tell in the picture but they have peachy pink insoles. In the above picture I'm wearing a loose gray t-shirt that I practically live in. Moral of the story don't buy anything in less you absolutely adore it. 


amazing grace

Princess Grace Kelly


Emotional Rescue By the Stones

 Currently listening to the Rolling Stones and the Doors


Jonathan Waiter

Beautiful dark photography. It reminds me of Laura from Neon.

Thank you!

I just wanted to thank anyone and everyone who reads my blog! It makes me feel good inspiring other people and motivates me to keep on posting! I plan on posting more blogs on my personal style after all the support I got!

Don't Forget to KISS YOUR KNEES! (love yourself above all else)