Hot child in the city

70s style high waisted shorts - Forever 21
Red Floral Blouse - Thrifted
Red Converse
Mexican belt - Thrifted
Snake ring - Vintage store in Ottawa

Yay! My first style post! It has been beautiful this weekend in Montreal. The weather has been very hot and sunny. Its funny how Canada can be freezing one day and boiling hot the next day. My boyfriend shot some photos of me before we went to my Aunts for Easter dinner. I painted my nails blue in spirit of the upcoming summer. Hopefully I will do lots of swimming! Happy Easter Everyone!

I found a couch in the middle of the highway!

I liked this mans hat.

And I especially like Charlie, my aunts chipmunk!
 Salut mes aimies!


  1. love your wavy hair..
    do they have forever21 in Canada now?

  2. wow, that's pretty awesome.

  3. high 5 for style post, lookin' guuuud

  4. You're so insanely beautiful!

  5. that's cute but if you wanted to write "hi friends" in french it's "salut les amies" and not "aimies" like you wrote it...